Oct 28, 2016


So one day, I was on my way to a job interview. My mood was quite troubled due to a series of unfortunate events and the traffic wasn't being supportive at all. I was going to be late for an interview - and that's not good. To cope with this unpleasant situation, I tried to calm myself down by reading some tips to meet the future employer (along with cool outer space stories and fun facts about economy) that someone shared on a Q&A networking site. Dude is pretty cool, I thought. Casually admired him and moved along with my life. But, a cute thing did happen afterwards: I got the job, I moved out and... I met him.


Janangelical said...

woaaah >< so happy for you ci! Kerja dimana nih? :D Sukses selalu yah!

Chippeido said...

suka banget post-nyaa. btw fotonya pakai kamera apa nih? nice post, thanks for sharing!!


Gapernah Jelas said...

thanks banget, artikel ini sangat bagus.!!

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